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Synthetic Food Colors

Synthetic Food Colors

At Munna Dyes, we specialize in manufacturing synthetic food colors, and proud ourselves at being a leading synthetic food colour suppliers, all over the globe. We know how many industries today make use of primary food colors, to make their products look even more appealing the best example would be the food manufacturing industry, which makes for a huge clientele of Munna Dyes Chem.

In order to be the one of most looked upon synthetic food colours manufacturers, quality isn’t enough; we know the importance of hygiene, especially as we have to make these into food grade color, fit for consumption by humans. By following international quality and hygiene standards, makes Munna Dyes a widely used brand in the food, pharmaceutical, and other industries.

Tartrazine 19140 E 102 YELLOW 5 Specifications
Quinoline Yellow 47005 E 104 --- Specifications
Sunset Yellow 15985 E 110 YELLOW 6 Specifications
Erythrosine 45430 E 127 RED 3 Specifications
Allura Red 16035 E 129 Red 40 Specifications
Red 2G 18050 E 128 --- Specifications
Phloxine B 45410 --- ACID RED 92 Specifications
Ponceau 4R 16255 E 124 --- Specifications
Carmoisine 14720 E 122 --- Specifications
Amaranth 16185 E 123 Red 2 Specifications
Brilliant Blue FCF 42090 E 133 BLUE 1 Specifications
Indigo Carmine 73015 E 132 BLUE 2 Specifications
Patent Blue V 42051 E 131 --- Specifications
Fast Green FCF 42053 E 143 Green 3 Specifications
Green-S 44090 E-142 --- Specifications
Chocolate Brown HT 20285 E 155 --- Specifications
Black PN 28440 E 151 --- Specifications

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