Reactive Dyes

Reactive DyesAlliance Oraganic

ALLIANCE ORGANICS LLP is a high quality manufacturer of Reactive Dyes in India.
We produce the complete range of Reactive Dyes, however our major volume of Reactive Dyes areReactive Vinyl Sulphone Dyes
Reactive Bifunctional Dyes
Reactive ‘SD’ Dyes
Reactive Monochloro Triazine (MCT) Dyes for Printing
Reactive ‘M’ DyesReactive ‘P’ DyesReactive Bifunctional Dyes
Reactive ‘HE’ DyesReactive Vinyl Sulphone DyesAllozol RGB Dyes or Reactive RGB Dyes
Reactive HEXL DyesReactive SD DyesAllozol RR Dyes or Reactive RR Dyes

Alliance OraganicReactive ‘M’ Dyes

Reactive Cold Dyes or Room Temperature Dyes or Reactive ‘M’ Dyes are used for room temperature dyeing.
Cold Dyes can also be used for Printing and Dyeing.

Our list of Allofix ‘M’ Dyes
Reactive ‘M’ DyesAlliance OraganicAlliance OraganicAlliance OraganicFastness to
Alliance OraganicAlliance OraganicAlliance OraganicAlliance OraganicAlliance Oraganic
Reactive Yellow M8G
(Reactive Yellow 86)
Alliance Oraganic30HM6554-540°C
Reactive Yellow M4G
(Reactive Yellow 22)
Reactive Yellow MGR
(Reactive Yellow 7)
Reactive Yellow M3R
(Reactive Orange 86)
Reactive Yellow M4R
(Reactive Orange 14)
Reactive G. Yellow MR
Reactive Yellow 44)
Reactive Orange M2R
(Reactive Orange 4)
Reactive Red M5B
(Reactive Red 2)
Reactive Red M8B
(Reactive Red 11)
Reactive Magenta MB
(Reactive Violet 13)
 80MH4-545340°C or
Reactive Blue MR
(Reactive Blue 4)
 80LM654-5240°C 60°C
Reactive Blue M2R
(Reactive Blue 81)
Reactive Blue M4GD
(Reactive Blue 168)
Alliance Oraganic

Alliance OraganicReactive ‘P’ Dyes

Reactive ‘P’ Dyes are also known as Printing Dyes and Monochloro Triazine (MCT) Dyes.
These dyes are used mainly in Printing and in some cases also used in Padding as wellOur list of Allofix Printing ‘P’ Dyes

Reactive ‘P’ DyesAlliance OraganicAlliance OraganicFastness to
Alliance OraganicAlliance OraganicAlliance OraganicAlliance OraganicAlliance Oraganic
Reactive Yellow P8G
(Reactive Yellow 95)
Yellow P8G60ML54-541-280°C
Reactive Yellow P4G
(Reactive Yellow 18)
Yellow P4G100LM6-74-54-5180°C
Reactive G. Yellow PR
(Reactive Orange 12)
G. Yellow PR100MM64-552-380°C
Reactive Orange P2R
(Reactive Orange 13)
Orange P2R80MM4-554-5480°C
Reactive Red P2B
(Reactive Red 24)
Red P2B80MM54-53-41-280°C
Reactive Red P3B
(Reactive Red 45)
Red P3B100ML54-54-5480°C
Reactive Red P6B
(Reactive Red 76)
Red P6B80HL444-5280°C
Reactive Red P8B
(Reactive Red 31)
Red P8B80ML4-5443-480°C
Reactive Magenta PB
(Reactive Red 14)
Magenta PB80ML4-543-4180°C
Reactive Purple P3R
(Reactive Violet)
Purple P3R80ML6-752-3480°C
Reactive Red Br. P4R
(Reactive Brown 9)
Red Br. P4R80ML4-543180°C
Reactive Blue P5G
(Reactive Blue 25)
Blue P5G80HM554-53-490°C
Reactive T. Blue PA
(Reactive Blue 71)
T. Blue PA80HM6442-390°C
Reactive Blue PGR
(Reactive Blue 5)
Blue PGR50MM5-64-553-480°C
Reactive Blue P3R
(Reactive Blue 49)
Blue P3R100HM54-54280°C
Reactive Blue P5RH
(Reactive Blue 13)
Blue P5RH80ML5-64-542-380°C
Reactive Black PN
(Reactive Blue 8)
Black PN40LM64-54-54-580°C

Alliance OraganicReactive Bifunctional Dyes

Reactive Bifunctional Dyes also known as ‘ME’ Dyes or Bifunctional Dyes are highly economical Reactive Dyes with good exhaustion and fixation properties.
Our Bifunctional Dyes have good solubility .
Our list of Allofix Bifunctional Dyes
Reactive Bifunctional DyesSuitabilityFastness to
Alliance OraganicAlliance OraganicAlliance OraganicAlliance OraganicAlliance OraganicAlliance OraganicAlliance OraganicAlliance OraganicAlliance Oraganic
Reactive Yellow ME4G
(Reactive Yellow 160)
Alliance Oraganic100SSNS5-64-54-51D
Reactive Supra Yellow 3RS
(Reactive Yellow 176)
Alliance Oraganic100SSNS5-6441-2D
Reactive G. Yellow MER
(Reactive Yellow 145)
Alliance Oraganic100SSNS5-6441-2D
Reactive Orange ME2R
(Reactive Orange 122)
Reactive Red ME3B
(Reactive Red 194)
Reactive Supra Red 3BS
(Reactive Red 239)
Reactive Red ME4B
(Reactive Red 195)
Reactive Red ME6B
(Reactive Red 250)
Reactive Red MERB
(Reactive Red 198A)
Reactive Violet ME2R 80SMSMS44-53-43MD
Reactive Blue ME2R
(Reactive Blue 248)
Reactive N. Blue ME2G
(Reactive Blue 194)
Reactive N. Blue ME2R 40SNSS5443-4ND
Alliance Oraganic

Alliance OraganicReactive High Exhaust ‘HE’ Dyes

Reactive High Exhaust Dyes are also known as Reactive ‘HE’ Dyes have extremely high fixation and high tinctorial value, hence they are economical to use.
Reactive High Exhaust Dyes have very good built up as well as short and long liquor ratio’s
Reactive High Exhaust Dyes are also suitable for use in polyester, cotton and viscose blend by Single Bath 2 Step Method

Our list of Allofix High Exhaust ‘HE’ Dyes

Reactive ‘HE’ DyesAlliance OraganicFastness toDischargability
Alliance OraganicAlliance OraganicAlliance OraganicAlliance OraganicAlliance OraganicRubbingAlliance OraganicAlliance Oraganic
Reactive Yellow HE6G
(Reactive Yellow 135)
Alliance Oraganic454-54-54414-53-4DD
Reactive Yellow HE4G
(Reactive Yellow 81)
Reactive Yellow HE4R
(Reactive Yellow 84)
Reactive G. Yellow HER
(Reactive Yellow 84A)
Reactive Orange HER
(Reactive Orange 84)
Reactive Orange HE2R
(Reactive Orange 94)
Reactive Red HE3B
(Reactive Red 120)
Reactive Red HE7B
(Reactive Red 141)
Reactive Red HE8B
(Reactive Red 152)
Reactive Green HE4B
(Reactive Green 19)
Reactive Blue HERD
(Reactive Blue 160)
Reactive N. Blue HER
(Reactive Blue 171)
Reactive N. Blue HE2R
(Reactive Blue 172)
Alliance Oraganic

Alliance OraganicReactive Vinyl Sulphone Dyes

Reactive Vinyl Sulphone Dyes are most popular dyes in the entire range of Reactive Dyes.
Reactive Vinyl Sulphone Dyes can be used in Dyeing, Printing as well as Padding.
Reactive Vinyl Sulphone Dyes are dischargeable.
Reactive Vinyl Sulphone Dyes have very high fixation hence resulting in increased dye yield.
Reactive Vinyl Sulphone Dyes are highly recommended to be used in Cold Pad Batch (CPB).
Reactive Vinyl Sulphone Dyes are most suitable for One Bath Pad Batch Dyeing Method using Sodium Silicate as AlkaliOur list of Reactive Vinyl Sulphone ‘VS’ Dyes
Reactive Vinyl Sulphone DyesSuitabilityFastness to
Alliance OraganicAlliance Oraganic
Reactive Yellow FG
(Reactive Yellow 42)
Alliance Oraganic100LSSS5551D
Reactive Yellow GL
(Reactive Yellow 37)
Alliance Oraganic80SSS6-754-51D
Reactive Yellow GR
(Reactive Yellow 15)
Alliance Oraganic100SSS6551D
Reactive G. Yellow RNL
(Reactive Orange 107)
Alliance Oraganic100SSS554-51D
Reactive G. Yellow G
(Reactive Yellow 17)
Alliance Oraganic100SSLS6551D
Reactive G Yellow R
(Reactive Yellow 77)
Alliance Oraganic100SSS4-544-51D
Reactive G Orange 3R
(Reactive Orange 78)
Alliance Oraganic100SSS4-544-51D
Reactive Orange 3R
(Reactive Orange 16)
Alliance Oraganic60SSS5-6551D
Reactive Red 5B
(Reactive Red 35)
Alliance Oraganic100SSS4551D
Reactive Red RB
(Reactive Red 198)
Alliance Oraganic80SSS4-54-54-52-3MD
Reactive Red RBL
(Reactive Red 198A)
Alliance Oraganic100SSS54-541ND
Reactive Red F3B
(Reactive Red 180)
Alliance Oraganic120SSMS5-6553-4D
Reactive Red BB
(Reactive Red 21)
Alliance Oraganic110SSS4-54-54-54-5D
Reactive Red BS-ID
(Reactive Red 111)
Alliance Oraganic100SSS4-54-53-41-2D
Reactive Red GF
(Reactive Red 223)
Alliance Oraganic100SSS5-64-54-51-2D
Reactive Scarelt 2GF
Alliance Oraganic100SSS4-543-42-3ND
Reactive Red 3BAlliance Oraganic100SSS654-53ND
Reactive Violet 5R
(Reactive Violet 5)
Alliance Oraganic60SSS6-744-53-4MD
Reactive Brown GR
(Reactive Brown 18)
Alliance Oraganic70SSS63-44-51D
Reactive T Blue G
(Reactive Blue 21)
Alliance Oraganic100SSS64-553-4MD
Reactive Green 6B
(Reactive Blue 38)
Alliance Oraganic100SSS7442-3ND
Reactive Blue R
(Reactive Blue 19)
Alliance Oraganic100SSS6-754-53-4MD
Reactive Blue 3R
(Reactive Blue 28)
Alliance Oraganic70SSS6-743-44MD
Reactive Royal Blue BB
(Reactive Blue 220)
Alliance Oraganic100SSS6-743-43-4MD
Reactive Blue BRF
(Reactive Blue 221)
Alliance Oraganic100SSS6543-4D
Reactive N Blue BF
(Reactive Blue 222)
Alliance Oraganic100SSS54-543D
Reactive N Blue 2G
(Reactive Blue 203)
Alliance Oraganic100SSS4-544-51D
Reactive N Blue RGB
(Reactive Blue 250)
Alliance Oraganic100SSS4-544-51D
Reactive N Blue HRL
(Reactive Blue 89)
Alliance Oraganic80SSS644-51MD
Reactive Black B*
(Reactive Black 5)
Alliance Oraganic100SSS54-54-51D
Reactive Black RL
(Reactive Black 31)
Alliance Oraganic100SSS6-74-54-52D
Reactive Black GRAlliance Oraganic150SSS54-54-51D
Reactive Black WNNAlliance Oraganic150SSS54-54-51-2D
Reactive Black GNNAlliance Oraganic150SSS54-54-51-2MD
Reactive Black KGNAlliance Oraganic100SSS54-54-51D
Reactive Black CNNAlliance Oraganic100SSS54-54-51D
Reactive Black GAlliance Oraganic150SSS4-54-54-52D
Reactive Black RAlliance Oraganic150SSS54-541-1ND
Reactive Black GWFAlliance Oraganic100SSS4-54-54-51D
Alliance Oraganic

Alliance OraganicAllozol RGB Dyes or Reactive RGB Dyes

Reactive RGB Dyes are our specially designed product which has very good re-productrvity.
Reactive RGB Dyes have good built up, good for Deep Shades.
Reactive RGB Dyes have good washing off property and above all economical in Trichromy.Our list of Allozol RGB Dyes or Reactive RGB Dyes
Reactive RGB DyesSuitabilityFastness to
Alliance OraganicAlliance Oraganic
Reactive Yellow RGBAlliance Oraganic100SSS5-654-51-2D
Reactive Red RGBAlliance Oraganic100SSS54-542-3ND
Reactive Blue RGBAlliance Oraganic100SSS54-541-2D
Reactive Black RGBAlliance Oraganic150SSS4-54-54-51-2MD
Alliance Oraganic

Alliance OraganicReactive HEXL Dyes

Reactive HE-HEXL dyes are the latest generation of bi-monochlorotriazine reactive dyes which have excellent reproducibility and level dyeing properties. The molecular structure of the individual products in the range has been engineered to help the modern dye houses in going one step closer to the concept of right-first-time production. This range of dyes along with Reactive HE dyes provides a complete range for meeting all the requirements of a modern dyer i.e. a complete shade gamut, a choice of dyestuffs for excellent level dyeing and reproducibility, very good build-up behaviour, and fastness properties to meet international standards.

Reactive HEXL dyes offer

  • Excellent reproducibility of shade even with minor variations in application conditions.
  • Excellent level dyeing performance
  • Economy and excellent build-up in exhaust dyeing.
  • Good wash-off properties leading to high wet fastness ratings.

Our list of Reactive HEXL Dyes

Reactive Yellow HEXLAlliance Oraganic80-85°C70120304-555554-54-54-54-54-54-52-34-55444ACACADAD
Reactive Brilliant Orange HEXLAlliance Oraganic80-85°C1001106033-444-54-54-54-54-54-54-54-54
Reactive Crimson HEXLAlliance Oraganic80-85°C70801034-54-5554-54-554-554-51-244-53-41
Reactive Blue HEXLAlliance Oraganic80-85°C7090304-555-64-54-54-54-54-544-543-4
Reactive Dark Blue HEXLAlliance Oraganic80-85°C90170805-65-65-64-554-54-54-544-5
Reactive Navy Blue HEXLAlliance Oraganic80-85°C90110503-43-444-54-54-544-54-54-54-52-3

Alliance OraganicReactive SD Dyes

Reactive SD Dyes are specially modified Poly Functional Dyes.
Reactive SD Dyes have excellent exhaustion, high fixation, high tinctorial value, above all extremely economical in Trichromy
Reactive SD Dyes are highly suitable for Medium to Dark Shades

Our list of Reactive SD Dyes

Reactive SD DyesSuitabilityFastness to
Alliance OraganicAlliance Oraganic
Reactive Yellow SD2GAlliance Oraganic100SSNS5-6552D
Reactive Yellow SDAlliance Oraganic100SSS554-51-2D
Reactive Orange SD2RAlliance Oraganic100SSS54-542ND
Reactive Red SD3YAlliance Oraganic100SSS4-554-53-4ND
Reactive Red SD3BAlliance Oraganic100SSS554-53-4ND
Reactive Navy SD*Alliance Oraganic150SSS4-54-54-52D
Reactive Dark Blue
Alliance Oraganic150SSS4-54-54-51-2D
Reactive Black SD**Alliance Oraganic150SSS4-54-54-51-2D
Reactive Black SD2R**Alliance Oraganic150SSS4-54-54-51-2D
Alliance Oraganic

Alliance OraganicAllozol RR Dyes or Reactive RR Dyes

Reactive RR is a new range of three colour combination for the exhaust dyeing process. These 3 new dyes show a uniform dyeing performance. These dyes are mainly used in the exhaust dyeing process at 60°C for medium and deep shades.

Reactive RR new series consist of :
  1. Reactive Yellow RR
  2. Reactive Red RR
  3. Reactive Blue RR

Medium to deep shades can be dyed cost effectively, as they impart very good build up, high process reliability, and uniform fixation ensuring very good level dyeing. In pale shades Allozol Royal Blue BB can be used instead of Allozol Blue RR because of higher light fastness. The dyeing results of Allozol Yellow RR, Allozol Red RR and Allozol Blue RR remains almost the same even under a wide variation of dyeing parameters.
Our list of Allozol RR Dyes or Reactive RR Dyes
Reactive RR DyesSuitabilityFastness to
Alliance OraganicAlliance Oraganic
Reactive Yellow RRAlliance Oraganic100SSS44-552D
Reactive Red RRAlliance Oraganic80SSS54-54-52-3MD
Reactive Blue RRAlliance Oraganic100SSS6-74-543-4D
Alliance Oraganic